We’ve been relaxing visitors for more than 30 years…

Protea Farm is situated in the famous KOO vally, 29km from Montagu in the heart of the scenic Route 62. Due to the cold climate and winter snow the valley provides the perfect conditions for producing apples and pears. During this time proteas also flower wild on the mountain. Protea Farm offers something special each season. From the beautiful colours of the orchards during autumn, to icy winter nights snuggling in front of a fireplace, right through to the beautiful blossoms of spring, vibrant summer days of fun such as swimming in the lake, beautiful hiking trails as well as idyllic terrain for mountain biking. In 1985 the farm started its legendary tractor excursions up the Langeberg Mountain.

When you fall in love with the peaceful surroundings of the farm, there are four private cottages that can be rented.The adventurous can take their 4x4s on the mountain trails and fully experience the outdoors.